Overtoomse Veld

The construction of the Overtoomse Veld started in 1959. To the east is Rembrandtpark acting as a green buffer between Nieuw-West and the pre-war city. The streets in the neighbourhood are named after Dutch painters and draughtsmen with the August Allebéplein square as its centre. Like the neighbouring district Slotervaart, Overtoomse Veld contains a mix of low-, medium-, and high-rise buildings.

Urban development is still in full swing here. The plan is to create an urban living environment with a high density, a great mix of different functions and closed-off building blocks.

Here Amsterdam continues to build homes for the many people seeking living space. This district has always known many different functions and amenities aimed at the entire city, such as the GVB bus depot, the World Fashion Centre and hospitals. In recent times hotels, creative hot beds and nightspots such as sky bars and clubs have joined the mix.

Ringweg A10-West. Foto: Victorien Koningsberger. Schoolwerktuin aan de Jan Tooropstraat in Overtoomse Veld met door kinderen verbouwde groenten en bloemen. Foto: Erik Swierstra.