Indoor museum

The Van Eesteren Museum is closed between 22 july and half october 2017

From 19 october 2017 the new Van Eesteren Paviljoen is open for the public

Information and starting point
The indoor museum is the perfect starting point to find out about the cultural-historical legacy of Cornelis van Eesteren.  It is also the starting point for guided walks and excursions.

The indoor museum houses changing exhibitions and serves as reception room and information centre.  You can consult books and documents about the work of Van Eesteren and the Garden Cities, whilst enjoying a  cup of tea or coffee.

There is a small shop where books and walking and biking maps are on sale.

There is a permanent exhibition about the life and work of Cornelis van Eesteren (1897-1988) at the indoor museum.   You can also enjoy changing exhibitions on topics such as new ways of building, the creation of roads, green zones and water works in New West, style characteristics and the approach to ‘good living’.

In the old home and industrial school
The Van Eesteren Museum at the Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125 opened its doors in October 2010. The museum is housed in the old home and industrial school built in 1966.  At this school young men and women learned the skills needed to be good husbands and wives.   Above the main entrance of the building, which now gives access to the creative hub De Vlugt, you can see a brick tablet with playing children. This piece of art, called ‘school figures’, was made by renowned Dutch artist and professor Harry op de Laak and hung in 1967.

Van Eesteren Binnenmuseum aan de Burgemeester De Vlugtlaan 125. Foto: Victorien Koningsberger. Binnenmuseum Vaste Expositie. Foto: Victorien Koningsberger.