Walk with a guide

The Van Eesteren Museum is closed between 22 july and half october 2017

From 19 october 2017 the new Van Eesteren Paviljoen is open for the public

Walk with a guide, standard in Dutch but in English upon request

Walks through Slotermeer
The Van Eesteren Museum organises various guided walks on Fridays and Saturdays and each first Sunday of the Month.
The architecture walk through the outdoor museum starts at 13.30 hours.
The walk takes about an hour and half.
Starting location: Van Eesteren Museum, Burgemeester De Vlugtlaan 125, Slotermeer.

Number of participants and admission
Architecture walk: maximally 15 participents.
Tickets: € 7,50, including a cup of coffee or tea.
Reduction: € 2,00 with CJP/Stadspas/65+.

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Monthly excursion
Each month an excursion is organised around a specific theme, a walk through the Kolenkitbuurt, a cycling tour along the ‘Holy Houses’ or along artworks around the Sloterplas. For more information see: the agenda.

The walks and other excursions are never cancelled, irrespective of the weather. Special Van Eesteren umbrellas are available when necessary.

Book your own guide
It is also possible to book a walk with a guide on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For a maximum of 15 persons the charge is € 150, which includes a cup of coffee or tea for all. No reductions apply to these bookings. Reservations should be made by email to info@vaneesterenmuseum.nl.

Architectuurwandeling Buitenveldert. Foto: Victorien Koningsberger. Vrijwilliger Christiaan met Basisschool-scholieren in het Buitenmuseum. Foto: Victorien Koningsberger. Gastvrouwen Van Eesteren Museum. Foto: Victorien Koningsberger. Gids Leo geeft uitleg over het Van Eesteren Museum.