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July 2021: Iconic Houses Month

In July 2021, the Iconic Houses network will celebrate the Dutch Iconic Houses Month. The Van Eesteren Museum House is also participating! Ten modern museum homes, including our museum home, can be visited in July with up to 50% discount.

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Van Eesteren Museum, interior. Photograph: Luuk Kramer.

Van Eesteren Museum reopend on June 10th!

On Thursday 10 June 2021, the Van Eesteren Museum reopend its doors to visitors. On that day, the museum resumed its full programme, all of course in accordance with the applicable corona regulations.

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Pavilion features in Architecture in the Netherlands

The Van Eesteren Pavilion in Amsterdam features in the 31st edition of Architecture in the Netherlands. Yearbook 2017/2018 making it part of the international showcase for Dutch architecture. For over 30 years the Yearbook has been an indispensable overview of Dutch architecture for everyone with a professional or more general interest in the subject.

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A Better City

From 17th March to the 16th July 2017 an exhibition was running in the Bazel on Vijzelstraat in the centre of Amsterdam. The exhibition “A Better City” looks at the different stages of Amsterdam’s development and the visions it had for a better future at each key moment.

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New pavilion at the Sloterplas

The Van Eesteren has built a new pavilion at the Sloterplas. A new light, transparent and inviting building, overlooking the Sloterplas lake, the boulevard and the Noorderhaven (Northern Harbour) has emerged at Bastion West, as the Van Eesteren Museum expands in New West.

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Van Eesteren-gids Jeffrey van Kronenburg tijdens een wandeling in de Freek Oxstraat in Slotermeer.

Walk with a guide

Walk with a guide through the ‘living’ open air museum, with a ‘collection’ consisting of houses, public gardens, shops, parks, squares and streets. From 1951 onwards, Amsterdam’s first City Garden outside the Ring Railway, Slotermeer, was built here.

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Experience the 1950s

Museum houses abound along the canals in the centre of Amsterdam, but you can also get a glimpse of life in Amsterdam in the 1950s outside the city’s centre. At the Freek Oxstraat 27 in Slotermeer in New West you can experience how people lived in a modern family house in the 1950s.

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In an industrial school

The Van Eesteren Museum at the Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125 opened its doors in October 2010. Until July 2017 it was open at this adress. The building was built in 1966 as the third municipal home and industrial school under commission of the Town Planning Department of the City of Amsterdam.

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