New pavilion at the Sloterplas

Van Eesteren Paviljoen; 23 september 2017. Foto: Erik Swierstra.

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The Van Eesteren Museum built a new pavilion at the Sloterplas in 2017

A new light, transparent and inviting building, overlooking the Sloterplas lake, the boulevard and the Noorderhaven (Northern Harbour) has emerged at Bastion West, as the Van Eesteren Museum expands in New West.

This uniquely identifiable and highly visible pavilion has a sober and practical appearance, similar to many works of architecture typical of the wederopbouwperiode (the reconstruction period after the war).

The new building reflects the broadening of the Van Eesteren Museum’s focus from the Slotermeer area to the whole of Amsterdam New West. The new pavilion celebrates all of the Algemeen Uitbreidingsplan (General Expansion Plan for Amsterdam) by Van Eesteren that concerned not just Slotermeer but the whole of Amsterdam New West with the iconic Sloterplas as its center-point.

Old idea, new form
The choice of location was not just because of the beauty of the spot. This Bastion West at the North-Eastern corner of the Sloterplas is the exact location where Cornelis van Eesteren envisioned a pavilion back in 1939. His vision saw people from Amsterdam stroll from the pavilion on the eastern shore (which is now Café Oostoever which is being renovated) to the pavilion on the northern shore.

This new location allows the museum to expand its activities. Working with other cultural institutions, volunteers and the neighborhood, there will be a broad programme of activities developed. The new pavilion has more space for exhibitions, debate, workshops and social meetings. It offers the chance to expand educational possibilities, catering facilities as well as providing a museum shop and a public garden.

A new walking tour is launched about the statues and sculptures that date from the time when the Westelijke Tuinsteden (western garden cities) were created.

A transparent, minimalist and functional design
The pavilion is designed by Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten. Inspired by pavilions from the 50’s and the 60’s, they designed a simple wooden structure that includes a lot of glass. Its dark colour prevents it from disappearing in the forest-like environment of the Sloterplas.

Planning and Finance
The plans were presented to the neighborhood, New West and the city during Open Monuments Day in 2015. The new Pavilion is largely funded by the Stimuleringsfonds voor de Volkshuisvesting (a fund that is controlled jointly by Amsterdam Housing Corporations and the municipality). The council of Amsterdam New West and Stadgenoot also contributed to the plans and the city programme Stad in Balans (city in balance) also provided funding.

The first foundational pole was put in place in January 2017. The pavilion was opened on the 22nd of October 2017.

The pavilion for the Van Eesteren Museum is co-sponsored by the council of Amsterdam New West and housing corporation Stadgenoot.