Pavilion features in Architecture in the Netherlands

Van Eesteren Paviljoen, Foto: Luuk KramerJaarboek Architectuur in NederlandVan Eesteren PaviljoenJaarboek Architectuur in NederlandVan Eesteren PaviljoenJaarboek Architectuur in Nederland

Pavilion international showcase for Dutch architecture
The Van Eesteren Pavilion in Amsterdam features in the 31st edition of Architecture in the Netherlands. Yearbook 2017/2018 making it part of the international showcase for Dutch architecture. For over 30 years the Yearbook has been an indispensable overview of Dutch architecture for everyone with a professional or more general interest in the subject. Both nationally and internationally. In the Yearbook, the editors describe the most important developments that currently influence Dutch architecture. They selected the Van Eesteren Pavilion as a special example of the rediscovery of the periphery of cities.

Rediscovery of the periphery
The editors notice a shift away from the focus on the city as the epicenter of economic activity in favour of the hinterlands that surround and serve the city. There lie the opportunities for tackling major social and urban planning issues. The fact that the Van Eesteren Pavilion was selected for this Yearbook, out of more than 200 projects submitted in 2017, confirms not only the architectural value of the pavilion, but also its urban development value. Although the pavilion is a modest intervention, it touches a larger urban planning issue. It is a pioneer for the cultural and urban development of the New West district in Amsterdam and the crown on the revaluation of its Westerly Garden Cities.

Van Eesteren Pavilion
The Van Eesteren Pavilion was designed by Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architects. Inspired by pavilion buildings from the fifties and sixties, they designed a space that translates the ‘light, air & space thinking’ of that area into a contemporary building consisting mainly of wood and glass which opens up strongly to its surroundings. Transparent, minimalistic and with an effective design.

June 14th, 2018, 20:00: Meeting The Hinterlands in Van Eesteren Pavilion
This year, in addition to the publication of the Yearbook, an extensive interactive public program will be launched to take a closer look at the themes in this Yearbook. During the first meeting within this public program, titled Het Buitengebied (The Hinterlands), we will take a closer look at the theme of the rediscovery of the periphery.

The editors of this year’s edition of the Yearbook noticed a focus on nature experience, cultural history, tourism and recreation. What is striking is the space that was provided to architects to experiment with materials and techniques. How can architecture be used to expose histories, create stages for stories and make landscapes tangible?

Moderator that evening is Hilde Blank, chairman of the Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Foundation. With contributions of the editors of the Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands, JaapJan Berg, Mark Minkjan and Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architects.

The meeting is Dutch spoken.

Tickets for this meeting are free of charge and can be booked here.

Architectuur in Nederland. Jaarboek 2017/2018
The Yearbook is a publication of nai010 publishers and is the international showcase for Dutch architecture. An indispensable overview. The editors select special projects that have been completed in the preceding year and describe the most important developments that influence Dutch architecture. The editors this year are Kirsten Hannema, Robert-Jan de Kort and Lara Schrijver.

The Yearbook was presented at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on May 8th, 2018, and is sold in bookstores and through