About the Museum

Discover the post-war architecture and art of Amsterdam

The Van Eesteren Museum is a treasure trove of information about the cultural-historical legacy of the influential Dutch urban planner Cornelis van Eesteren.

Van Eesteren’s work forms a highlight of post-war urban planning and architecture in Amsterdam. His designs and the special spatial urban outlay can still be seen in New West (including Slotermeer), Buitenveldert and parts of Amsterdam North.

The Van Eesteren Museum encompasses an indoor museum (in the Van Eesteren Pavilion) with a permanent exhibition Van Eesteren and temporary exhibitions on a variety of topics related to the architecture, design and social history of post-war years; an outdoor museum where you can join a guided walk and learn more about his principles of light, air and space and third a museum house where you can experience what the original houses were like in the 1950s.

Supported and run by local people, the Van Eesteren Museum in Slotermeer is a true neighbourhood museum.

Kaart van het Algemeen UItbreidingsplan van Amsterdam (AUP), Dienst der Publieke Werken, 1935.Eetkamer Museumwoning Van Eesteren Museum. Foto © Thomas Heere.Prentbriefkaart. Amsterdam W., Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan; circa 1960.