Permanent exhibition about Van Eesteren
Besides a changing exhibition, the Van Eesteren Museum hosts a permanent exhibition about the life and work of Cornelis van Eesteren (1897-1988). Subjects like the new way of building, the creation of roads, green zones and water works in Amsterdam New West, style characteristics and Good Living are displayed on panels. The photographs, design drawings and maps on the panels provide a good sense of the emergence of the Garden Cities and life in 1950s and ‘60s Amsterdam.
More information: the indoor museum.

Van Eesteren Museum House
You can also visit the Van Eesteren Museum House at the Freek Oxstraat 27-house, about 5 minutes walk from the indoor museum. Experience how people lived in a modern family house in the 1950s.

Heating with a coal stove, calling with ‘a big bakelite apparatus’ and cooking in a Bruynzeel-kitchen. In each room there are exhibition panels with background information, while a movie about Good Living is shown.

The model house has been fully decorated in accordance with the principles of the ‘Stichting Goed Wonen’.   The Association of Good Living, brought together post-Second World-War idealistic architects, designers, manufacturers, shopkeepers and consumers who strived for a type of home furnishing in which each family member could optimally develop.

More information: the Museum House.


Binnenmuseum Vaste Expositie. Foto: Victorien Koningsberger.